Who: The Children’s Assessment Center

What: 2011 Cherish the Child Awards Reception Honoring Humanitarian AwardRecipientsWhen: Thursday, April 14, 20115:30-7:30 PM

Where: The Children’s Assessment Center, 2500 Bolsover, Houston, TX 77005

Why: Honoring the 2011 Humanitarian Award Recipients: The Honorable Ed Emmett and Gwen Emmett, IKEA Trading Service, Inc. and Debbie C. Martinez. Each of these recipients will be recognized for their support and dedication to the children and families of Harris County and specifically those families served at The Children’s Assessment Center. The Children’s Assessment Center’s Humanitarian Awards Program was chartered in 2004 in honor of Susan Penn French and Carroll R. Ray. The existence of The Children’s Assessment Center is due in large part to the dedication, support and passion of these two ladies. We honor their legacy and commitment through the presentation of the Annual "Cherish the Child Humanitarian Awards."