Recently, the Office for Victims of Crime  released a four-part series about children’s exposure to violence, the effect of trauma on children, and effective interventions to mitigate that trauma.  We are excited to say The Children’s Assessment Center is a highlight of the series.   Please take a look at each of this videos. They are very powerful.  The videos can be downloaded and used either individually or as a part of a series. Read more below.

The Office for Victims of Crime is pleased to announce the release of a new video series titled Through Our Eyes: Children, Violence, and Trauma. This series includes a public awareness video and three topic-specific videos—Treatments That Work, The Child Advocacy Center Model, and Community-Based Approaches. More videos are forthcoming.

Together, these videos—along with associated online resource guides—reinforce four key messages:

  • Children’s exposure to violence and victimization is significant.
  • These experiences can leave lasting effects.
  • There are effective ways to protect children and alleviate the harm of exposure.
  • Everyone has a role.

Efforts are underway throughout the country to address the needs of children and families exposed to violence. We hope this new video series, along with the online resource guides, will continue to support your efforts as a child-serving professional. Consider using these resources to supplement your trainings or as part of your advocacy work to make homes, schools, and communities safer for children everywhere.