Messages from our Leadership

Elaine Stolte, Executive Director

Anne Frank once said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” That moment for The Children’s Assessment Center (CAC) is now!  We are so excited to announce our Restoring Hope, Rebuilding Lives Capital Campaign.  We must expand our facility in order to better serve the needs of our community.

Child sexual abuse knows no boundaries and affects every socio-economic group and ethnicity. Since 2000, The CAC has provided services to 52,000 sexually abused children in our community and unfortunately the numbers are not declining.  Our expansion is critical so that we can continue to provide the therapy and psychological services our children need to overcome their abuse and move on to a life full of promise and possibilities. 

The future of our children depends on how we, as a community, respond to vulnerable children in need. We look forward to hearing from you and sincerely thank you on behalf of our children for your commitment and for providing them the hope and healing they need to overcome their abuse. As Anne Frank so eloquently said - let's not wait a single moment!



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