Forensic Services

CAC Forensic Services from The CAC on Vimeo.

The Forensic Services Department provides specialized forensic interviews, extended forensic evaluations and family advocacy services to children and families to support the investigation of child sexual abuse. The Forensic Services Department offers a child-friendly environment where specialized forensic interviewers and evaluators obtain information in a non-leading, non-threatening manner. Forensic Interviews are digitally recorded, allowing all professionals involved in a case to simultaneously view both live and recorded interviews, rather than subjecting a child to repeated interviews. If a child does not disclose during the forensic interview, but there is other evidence to suggest victimization, the Forensic Evaluators are available to conduct extended sexual abuse assessments. This allows a child the opportunity to disclose what, if anything, occurred. The Family Advocates are available to provide much needed guidance and support to the non-offending caregivers throughout the initial investigative process and beyond.