Reasons for Expansion


The Children’s Assessment Center is expanding our current building to better Prevent and Treat child sexual abuse.


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Beyond the physical and emotional toll, when a child is sexually abused everyone pays.

  • In Harris County, the direct and immediate costs of child sexual abuse are nearly $43 million annually.
  • It only costs $10.53 to train an adult to improve their child-protective behaviors.
  • Research suggests that the average trained adult will better protect at least ten children from sexual abuse in the years after training.
  • The Children’s Assessment Center is one of the largest accredited advocacy centers in the nation, serving approximately 5,000 clients annually. The CAC is a proven leader in the advocacy center movement. In the last six years, The CAC has assisted 24 advocacy centers throughout the United States and six child welfare programs in foreign countries.
  • The CAC strongly believes that training is one of the key components of prevention. It is for this reason that we are committed to training people in our community and beyond. Since 1999, we have trained nearly 2,000 first-responders through our annual Protecting Texas Children Conference. Our new training space will enable us to expand our training efforts, thereby making great strides in the prevention of child sexual abuse.


Children who have been sexually abused are in desperate need of effective treatment and therapy.

  • Children who are abused are 40% more likely to be arrested for a violent crime as an adult.
  • Nearly 50% of women in prison state that they were abused as children.
  • Since our current building was built in 1998, the number of staff members working at The CAC has increased by 81% and the number of Partner Agencies co-housed in our building has more than quadrupled growing from ten to forty-four. Without additional space, we cannot accommodate additional growth for critical services. It is every CAC employee’s goal to one day work ourselves out of a job. Until that day, we must expand our facility to give these children the hope and healing they deserve.