One With Courage

Children’s Advocacy Centers™ of Texas (CACTX), along with 64 affiliate centers, announced the launch of their One With Courage campaign.

One With CourageOne With Courage is the first public awareness campaign of its kind in the state of Texas. This campaign is centered around the courage it takes to talk about child sexual abuse—the courage it takes child victims to come forward and talk about their abuse and the courage it takes adults to talk about the issue, learn the signs of abuse and report suspected abuse.

One With Courage aims to inspire the courage required to take action against child sexual abuse, whether through starting a dialogue about this issue, equipping adults with the knowledge needed to recognize the signs of abuse, or volunteering at a local children’s advocacy center. The One With Courage campaign aims to educate Texans about the signs of sexual abuse, dispel generally accepted “myths” about this issue and provide communities with specific steps they can take to make a difference in a child’s life.

You can learn more about One With Courage by visiting the website,