The HCSO Delivers Holiday Cheer to The CAC

2012 Holiday Season at The Children’s Assessment Center

 At 9:30 in the morning, many people are having their first cup of coffee and heading to work.  On the morning of December 7, 2012, for the 18th consecutive year the Harris County Sheriff’s Office pulled an 18-wheeler full of toys up to the Children’s Assessment Center.  CAC staff and volunteers gathered, waiting expectantly like young children on Christmas morning to see the treasures inside.  It gave each person joy to know there would be 1500 children who would wake up to presents under their tree because of the Sheriff’s Office and the many generous donors in our community. 

The Joy of the Season has taken on its true meaning at The Children’s Assessment Center.  It has been inspiring to see joy transferred from the community to children in the form of toys, smiles and helping hands.  Many thanks to each of you who have helped us make this Holiday Season truly special.

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