Courtroom Tour

Testifying in court can be difficult for anyone but especially a child victim of sexual abuse who has to be in the same room as the alleged perpetrator.  With hopes of reducing the anxiety encountered when children testify in court, The Children’s Assessment Center has recently completed a DVD developed by VT2 Media Design & Communications entitled, “Preparing Children to Testify in Court”.  “Preparing Children to Testify in Court” was developed as a tool to help child sexual abuse victims prepare for testifying in court.  This DVD may also be found beneficial to therapists, social workers, victims’ advocates, law enforcement officers and court officials to help prepare any adolescent or teenage child who may have to testify in court.

 “Courtroom Tour” is a narrated tour of the courtroom as a trial is in progress.  This tour provides details about the various people in the courtroom, what role they play during the trial and what happens during the testimony phase of a trial.  During this tour a child is able to be introduced to people they may encounter during a trial (judge, bailiff, court reporter, prosecutor, jurors, defense attorney, court advocate and defendant).